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Superfast Autoglazing Limited can repair most small stone chips to your front windscreen using the Esprit Repair System.

The procedure...

• Usually takes 20-30 minutes
• Will be to MOT standards in most cases
• May be eligible for free (subject to insurance cover)

Contact Superfast Autoglazing Limited for your free windscreen check.

Windscreen repair
free windscreen repair

Severe Damage?

If your windscreen is damaged too badly, a repair may not be possible. Instead, you may need a replacement. To find out more, view our cheap windscreen replacement page.

Free Windscreen Repairs...


A free repair by Superfast Autoglazing Limited is subject to insurance cover.

Show us a valid Fully Comprehensive insurance certificate and we will handle the rest.

We can bill most insurance companies directly.

There is no need for you to contact your insurance company at all.

View the list of approved insurance providers.